Past Events

An archive of club nights, barbecues and other social activity.

Christmas Club Night

We had a wonderful club night on 15th December, complete with mice pies, tinsel and of course the very annoying dancing penguin (thanks Steph!). Well done to the Vladivostock Ensemble who won the quiz, with their expert knowledge of rivers, monarchs and 1970s popular culture.

Cocktail Party

The fundraising cocktail party was held on Saturday 17th September and was tremendous fun. Cocktails on offer included 'Exit Pursued by a Bear', 'The Swish of the Curtain' and an 'Out, Damn Spot!'. Including donations made since the party, we have raised almost £300, which is not bad going. Watch out for more fund-raising and fun events!

Summer Barbecue 2011

Our summer barbecue was held on Sunday 4th September and was a roaring success in spite of the rain. We picnicked in the green room while Derrick and Mike battled valiantly with the smoke as they tended the barbecue in the entrance porch. The morning's activities were also successful, with Building 19 restored to order and a skip filled with old set and props.