The 'stage door' for cast and crew.


Dressing room


Brampton Little Theatre

A jewel of a theatre nestling in the heart of a beautiful Cambridgeshire village but threatened with demolition in this, our fiftieth anniversary year, unless we act quickly.

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It is one of Brampton’s best-kept secrets that a small but perfectly formed theatre is nestled in the middle of the village. Its location on the RAF Station at Brampton Park has, for security reasons, been kept relatively quiet, making publicity for the shows quite a challenge. But a thriving theatre flourished nonetheless and for fifty years, theatrical and musical productions have been appearing year after year, and attracting sell-out audiences.

Although affiliated to the RAF, the vast majority of cast and crew at the theatre are civilians – most of them Brampton residents. The audiences meanwhile, come from far and wide and are remarkably loyal. The theatre seats 99 people and is regularly sold out. Quite remarkable when security restraints mean that tickets have to be booked in advance, publicity is limited and all audience have to be booked in to the guard room before they can even get to the theatre!

The axe hanging over the theatre

Now alas, the RAF Station is due to close, which means that the axe is hanging over Brampton’s Little Theatre. Many people are fighting to save the theatre along with the adjoining airmen' mess, as it has such terrific potential to be an Arts Centre, especially once the restrictions of access to the RAF Station have gone.

The theatre has been going since January 1962 when the first production, The Browning Version, was staged, which means we are in our 50th anniversary year. Over the years many actors and performers have appeared on the Brampton stage, mostly famously Pam Ayres, who appeared while still working for the RAF. In fact, her signature can be seen in the dressing room, due to a Brampton Theatre tradition of performers signing the wall after appearing in a production.

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